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We are a charity dedicated to supporting children and adults with mental disabilities in Suriname. We donate directly to StigesU, a daycare facility that looks after 24 people with a staff of 8. Their role is crucial in taking care of the children so that their parents are able to work and provide for their families.

Two children smile on the swing set at StigesU.

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A young child plays a game that is hand drawn on cardboard.

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We help individuals with mental disabilities in Suriname because of two main reasons: 1) Suriname has gone through aggressive hyper inflation in the past decade. When a country suffers financially, usually the most disadvantaged feel it the most. 2) They do not have the same resources that are available in more developed countries like the United States. Suriname just is not a country that attracts the attention of global initiatives to help the disadvantaged– honestly most people have never heard of Suriname. 

Suriname is located in South America and most of its population of slightly over half a million lives in the capital, Paramaribo. This is where our donations go: to StigesU. They are a facility for children and adults with mental disabilities. StigesU helps by providing full-time, specialized care from 7 AM to 1 PM on weekdays. This way, parents can still provide for their families with the peace of mind that their child is receiving all the attention they need. 

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You are helping the mentally disabled in Suriname. We donate money because it is the most direct and impactful way for us to make a difference. They currently provide care for 24 children/adults with a staff of 8. 

This is Clarence

He loves legos, gospel music, and his older brother. He communicates through pictures and is scared of animals. Clarence has Down Syndrome. 

This is Media

She loves being in the kitchen, the color pink, and her 4 siblings. She communicates through pictures and gestures. Media has speech and language impairment.

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