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Mission Statement

Our goal at the Imaginary Club is to help the mentally disabled. Plain and simple. We currently focus our efforts to helping the mentally disabled IN Suriname because they do not have the same resources that are available in more developed countries like the United States. For instance, Suriname is also not a location that has a lot of global initiatives set up to help progress the disadvantaged.
We also believe in doing this in a modern way, a way that is still being imagined. That is why we not only focus on raising money the old fashioned way (fundraisers, sale of merchandise) but through the use of new media. For us this means the monetization of our short films on YouTube. These films then provide us a platform to spread meaningful messages through the magical science of the internet.
We imagine a better future for these mentally disabled people in Suriname.
We imagine a better future for all the people in the world.